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I provide infant oral care,  children's dentistry, orthodontics (visible and invisible methods), preventative dentistry, reconstructive dentistry, surgical, and non surgical endodontics(Root canal therapy)  aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, implantology, advanced gum treatments, prosthodontic treatments(replacement of teeth), root canal treatment (endodontics) and non surgical facial aesthetic treatments ( Botox, growth factors and restylane), non surgical sleep apnea therapy and TMD treatments ( Jaw joint treatment with non invasive methods), and oral surgery, dento alveolar surgery and maxillary surgery. I can also help you with minor plastic surgeryin the mouth and lips(Scar removal, pathology, small lesions which can be safely removed under local analgesia, minor clefts, frenulectamies, tongue surgery etc). I will always consult my mentors, who are listed in the reference page of this website.

I provide private dental services in Helsinki at:


I am also an active promoter of permanent solutions for sleep apnea, and I can evaluate and help, with more advanced orthognathic surgical treatments at Klinik Professor H.F Sailer in Zurich, Switzerland, where I have studied for more than a decade.

Klinik Professor H.F Sailer-Zurich, Switzerland

Sleep clinik Zurich

I work in collaboration with edelweiss dentistry in Austria in educational projects

edelweiss dentistry Austia

I have recently offered my services to Dewimed Medizintechnik GmbH in promoting understanding of skeletal anchorage with regard to orthodontic tooth movement.


Welcome to my website! 

If you have any concerns regarding your dental or oral health, please do come and see me.

I treat infants, children, adults, geriatric patients and also patients with disabilities.

My treatment range includes preventative methods, conservative reconstruction, advanced gum treatment (periodontology), complex root canal treatments (surgical and non surgical), orthodontics (children and adults, visible and invisible), prosthodontics (crowns, bridges, full and partial denture treatments), dental implants, soft and hard tissue grafting, guided tissue regeneration, oral surgery (complex wisdom tooth removal, removal of oral pathological lesions, infection elemination etc), TMD treatmnets (joint, muscle and teeth associated, temporomandibular dissorders), full mouth rehabilitations, non surgical sleep apnea treatments, DSD (digital smile design), non surgical facial aesthetics (Botox, hylouranic acid and autogenous human growth factors), plastic surgery of the lip and oral tissues (treatments which does not need a general anaesthetic, like frenulectomies, tongue surgery, minor clefts, scar removal and removal of pathological lesions).

I can also help you to find solutions to more serious problems and concerns through our partner clinic in Zurich, Switzerland where major facial aesthetic corrections, permenent solutions for sleep apnea, orthognathic surgery and other treatments can be arranged.

Currently in Finland, I work at Providental in the centre of Helsinki

I have been a regular visitor to Professor HF Sailer's clinic in Zurich, Switzerland, if you are interested in the treatment modalities available in Klinik Professor HF Sailer please do get in touch with me. A preliminary examination of your concerns can be done here in Helsinki.