Jeevana Subasinghe

Born in Sri Lanka 1962, graduated from the University of Khartoum, Sudan obtaining a BDS (bachelor of Dental Surgery) in 1988. He attended Universities of Tampere and Turku, in Finland and obtained the licence to practice dentistry in Finland in 1990. Jeevana was a member of Professor Christian Lindqvist’s research team at the University of Helsinki, School of dentistry, Finland in 1998, where he took part in research with regard to reconstruction of pathological deficiencies of the jaw. After concluding the research he moved back to Sri Lanka in 1999.

1999 Research Dentist University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, and Jeevana was appointed the Director for Oral Cancer Screening Operations Sri Lanka by Rotary international.

2000-2006- National Health Service Dentist- Full range of General Dentistry, United Kingdom

2006-2012- Cosmetic, Implantology , Orthodontic and non-surgical aesthetic private practice , Newbury, Royal County of Berkshire, United Kingdom.

2013- Dr Subasinghe works as a health care centre dentist at Porvoo health care centre and Sipoo health care centre in Finland. He carries out complex oral surgery, implantology, TMD treatments, periodontal surgery, and complex prosthodontics . Dr. Subasinghe is responsible for sleep apnoea treatments at the Porvoo health care centre, Finland. He continues his private practice at Providental in Helsinki, mainly focussing on Orthodontics, Implantology, non-surgical facial aesthetics and Growth factor applications in the oral-facial region.

Dr. Subasinghe belongs to many study groups in Europe. He continues his education in Zurich, Switzerland at the Klinik Professor HF Sailer. He is an educator for the edelweiss dentistry, Austria and Dewimed Orthodontics, Germany.

Dr Subasinghe has given clinical presentations in Finland, United kingdom, Switzerland and in Sri Lanka and currently helps Finnish and Sri Lankan dentists in learning new skills and technology.