''I have been extremely lucky to meet many great clinicians, who later became my mentors and friends''

Andreas Stricker,  ITI educator, introduced me to clinical lazer applications in oral surgery , periodontalogy and dental implantology

Dr Volotek and Dr Steffan Ulbridge have educated me on DSD (Digital Smile Design) and Dir TMJ digital Gerber registration

Professor HF Sailer educates me on all aspects of medicine. I have the previlleage to assist and learn from Professor Sailer for more than a decade.

Dr. Tommaso Padula, Specialist Orthodontist.  A  great tallented mentor, we met in Oxford, UK in an orthodontic practice where I was an assistant 

Max Bosshart, taught me occlusal rehabilitation using Gerber articulater

Dr. Juha Paatsma MD,DDS, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, mentor in osseointegrated dental implants, guided tissue regeneration and oral surgery.